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Controversial, bitesize podcasts debating hot topics from the franchise industry 

Full Disclosure, not everyone in the franchised community agrees on every topic. In fact, everyone has an opinion about everything.

The Full Disclosure podcast tackles these topics head on.

The format is simple.


In every episode a controversial topic from the franchised community is debated by the co-hosts. 

Expect strong opinions mixed with great stories and lots of laughter!

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Meet Your Co-Hosts

Full Disclosure:
What's Coming Up


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Episode 1:
Discovery Days should be at the end of the franchise recruitment process

Episode 2:
Magazine PR is a dead medium that doesn’t work anymore

Episode 3:

Every franchise brand should have a Full Disclosure Document as part of their recruitment process

Episode 4:

Franchise Fees are generally too high

Episode 5:

TikTok is pointless for franchise recruitment

Episode 6:

Exhibitions don’t work anymore for lead generation

Episode 7:

Franchise Awards don’t add value to the franchise recruitment process

Episode 8:

Franchisees should not be allowed to operate out of area if no franchisee in that territory

Episode 9:

Franchise Recruitment marketing on social media is terrible

Sandra James, Franchisor, The Cat Butler

“Ed is currently providing social media content for my company. He is very positive, friendly, and digital savvy and has come up with a lot of great ideas and created some amazing content for our social media.."

Rebecca Newenham, Franchisor, Get Ahead VA

"I have known Jo from the very start of my franchise journey and I have always found her to be warm, caring and a hugely positive person. What Jo doesn’t know about franchising isn’t worth knowing. I trust Jo’s judgement and her career history backs up her vast knowledge.."

Vicki Mitman QFP, Franchise Specialist Solicitor

“Ed has done a fantastic job assisting me with video editing and content creation for my business. I was unsure of what I needed to do, and how to create the videos I wanted, but Ed explained the process clearly and has helped me with professional editing to produce some great content.”

Jane James, Franchisor,

Little Voices

“Jo and I have known each other in the franchise industry as franchisors for many years. She was a fellow award winner at the EWIF Awards when I was and we shared some special events together. She is kind, knowledgeable, clearly ethical and accomplished in her knowledge of the franchise industry. It’s a pleasure to know her..”
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